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Ear wax removal problems?

Are you suffering from ear wax problems? Don't like ear wax syringing by water irrigation? Then why not try one of our HCPC registered, qualified senior audiologists who carry out microsuction ear wax removal. They will inspect your ear using a procedure called Otoscopy in which they will carry out a thorough examination and establish the full extent of your earwax problem. Otoscopy also reveals if the condition and health of your ears and the audiologist will be able to determine if it is safe to proceed with the microsuction. If the otoscopy uncovers a problem which would make it unsafe, then our ear wax removal specialist will discuss what other options that would be open to you.     


The Consultation and Treatment.

This begins with the audiologist taking down a detailed questionnaire about your hearing health history. This is then proceeded by an initial pre-otoscopic inspection of the ear to establish the health of the ear canal together with the extent of the ear wax problem. Once it is established that it is safe to proceed, the ear wax is gently loosen by using low pressure suction. Once completed a final post-otoscopic inspection is carried out.

Microsuction Ear Wax Removal.

This method is much safer than syringing or washing (water irrigation) the ear wax out because it does not rely on putting something into the canal to force it out. Pressurised water in the ear canal also needs to be at the right temperature and if this is not done properly the result can be to damage the ear canal as well as weaken the tympanic membrane or ear drum. And besides, microsuction is quicker, with most treatments only taking a few minutes.Our ear wax removal experts all prefer to use microsuction. It is by far the quickest, most comfortable, painless and reliable method for removing ear wax.

Step By Step Procedure by Microsuction

Step 1. Patient completes detailed questionnaire of hearing health history.

Step 2. Pre-otoscopic inspection of both ear canals and ear drums.

Step 3. Safe and painless microsuction ear wax removal.

Step 4. Post-otoscopic inspection. .

Step 5. Unblocked cleared ears for better hearing.


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